Located at the base of Leotar Mountain, Trebinje is a charming town that beckons visitors with its tranquil Mediterranean climate and rich cultural, natural, and spiritual heritage.

Discover the town’s centuries-old traditions and gastronomic practices, including unique cheeses at the green farmers’ market or locally made honey at Herzeg House. Water-based activities offer a chance to fully appreciate Trebinje’s natural beauty, while a boat tour and wine pairing provide the perfect end to a day of exploration. The Old Town, with its 18th-century Ottoman core, showcases iconic architecture and monuments, such as the Arslanagić Bridge. Visit the Museum of Herzegovina to learn about the town’s history and culture, and explore the ruins of Strač, Old Town Klobuk, and Old Town Mičevac.

Religious and spiritual history can be discovered through visits to monasteries, churches, and mosques, such as the famous Hercegovačka Gračanica and Tvrdoš Monastery, renowned for its wine-making tradition.
Outdoor activities, like bike tours, exploring Vjetrenica Cave, paragliding, and fishing in the Trebišnjica River and Trebinje Lakes, offer a chance for adventure. With an abundance of landmarks, natural beauty, and activities to discover, Trebinje offers an unforgettable experience for all travelers.

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