Assumptions about the existence of the old town of Trebinje, where the famous Queen Jelena of Anjou had her court, place it in a locality known today as “Brankovina” which is named after the tower of Branković. It had a very important role as a “watchtower” in old Trebinje. There are records of the Branković family’s origins in Herzegovina, which lived at the time of the greatest rise of the Serbian state in the time of King Milutin and Stefan Dečanski and in the time of King and Emperor Dušan. The Brankovićs are said to be the last Serbian medieval dynasty that was on the historical stage from the first half of the 14th to the first half of the 16th century. The tower was built by prefect Mladen, the progenitor of the family and lord of Trebinje and Dračevica. The family’s surname comes from Mladen’s son Branko, after whom the tower was named.

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