Ljubuški, a charming town in the heart of Herzegovina wine country, offers breathtaking natural beauty and rich cultural and historical treasures!

The lush vineyards, fertile fields, and natural wonders like the Kravica and Koćuša Waterfalls  make it an ideal destination for nature lovers who can cycle or canoe through the rolling landscapes. The town also boasts a rich cultural heritage, with museums like the Humac Museum and the “Mother” gallery, the medieval fortress of Duke Stjepan Kosača, and the 214 registered medieval tombstones scattered throughout the area.

Tobacco Restaurant and Museum showcases the region’s tobacco cultivation history, while the Smokva Wine Bar offers local wines to sample. Mediterranean cuisine at the town’s many restaurants is a culinary delight. Ljubuški is a perfect destination for anyone looking for outdoor adventure, cultural exploration, or a relaxing escape in a stunning natural setting.

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