Sušac Family Wine Cellar

The Sušac Cellar is situated in the Ljubuški village of Cerno. The attached vineyards occupy a rolling plateau and offer visitors a beautiful view of Medjugorje and its surroundings. The serenity of the location is such that one wonders if it could contribute to the outstanding quality of the grapes cultivated on site in much the same way as the soil content. During recent years, the Sušac family has invested in the revitalization of the cellar, tavern, and its grounds in hopes of capturing the full essence of Herzegovina. The wine produced, focused on the autochthonous varieties of Žilavka and Blatina, is meant to also represent the region, a harmonization of sun, vines, and stone with the labor of those who work the land. The family welcomes guests to their tables to taste their wines as well as local foods, including olives, fruit, and vegetables, also cultivated on their land and from which award-winning olive oil and a range of fruit brandies are also produced. The family offers accommodation in traditional style, as well
as sports and recreational facilities for young people and adults.






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