Škegro wines are a reflection of the family’s love for their winemaking heritage and the land upon which it relies. The Škegro Vineyards, located near the cellar in Radišići, are located within the Mostar wine region and largely focus on the cultivation of local Žilavka and Blatina. The goal of the Škegro family is the creation of an authentic wine that is a true reflection of the Herzegovinian winemaking tradition.
The Škegro Krš label delivers fresh varietal wines, while the Carsus label is dedicated to aged wines, providing a deepening of aroma and flavor that can only evolve with time. The family’s exceptional olive oil cannot be overlooked on a visit to their cellar. Along the perimeter of their vineyards are 600 olive trees, 100 of which are in full fruition. These are the sources of the olive oil that has won gold at the New York International Olive Oil Competition for the last 5 years. The small tasting room has a capacity of 15, ensuring an intimate experience which, upon arrival, becomes a pleasurable conversation amongst friends.






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