Begić Wine Cellar

The Wine Cellar Begić is located in the village of Prolog on the western edge of Herzegovina, the border with the Croatian region of Dalmatia running right through one of its vineyards! The close connection with Dalmatia is reflected in Begić’s wines, as it is one of the very few wineries in Bosnia and Herzegovina producing the variety Plavac Mali, which is native to the Croatian peninsula of Pelješac. Begić also produces Žilavka, and rose based on Plavac Mali, as well as an excellent selection of traditional fruit brandies. The winery is located next to the Begić family home, so that a tour will feel like visiting old friends! Relax on the winery’s patio overlooking a gorgeously curated landscape consisting of rocks, pebble and vineyards. Besides traditional Herzegovinan cold platters, Begić also serves the delicious local specialties of roasted veal under the bell – a traditional cooking technique in which meat and vegetables are part roasted and part steamed in a round metal container on charcoal – or lamb on the roast.






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