Petro-Pavlov monastery

The area around today’s monastery of St. Apostles Peter and Paul, together with the stećak necropolis, is an area that has been declared a national monument of Bosnia and Herzegovina since March 2003. It is located 7 km southeast of Trebinje in Petrovo polje. It includes the remains of the church of St. Peter (IV century), which are located below the present church, built in 1906, and the remains of the church of St. Pavle (V century), renovated in 2007. Today’s church of St. Petra is typical for this climate, with a simple foundation and modest dimensions, with an apse covered with stone slabs, as well as a tiled interior and a wooden iconostasis. Church of St. Pavla is located directly next to the church of St. Petra, on its southern side. According to the available archival materials and archaeological finds, it is believed that this church served as a congregational temple where services were held, while the trikonchos with the baptismal font (discovered in 2001) dedicated to the Apostle Paul was used for baptisms and burials of believers.

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