The Duži monastery is located 12 km south of Trebinje in the area of ​​the Trebinje Forest. At the end of the 17th century, on the site of today’s monastery, there was a small church with auxiliary buildings that housed the monks who looked after the livestock of the Tvrdoš monastery. After the destruction of the Tvrdoš monastery by the Venetians in 1694, part of the brotherhood went to the Savina monastery (Herceg Novi) carrying with them some of the valuable monastery relics. The second part of the brotherhood goes to the Duži monastery, transferring the remaining part of the relics, but also the glory of the Tvrdoš monastery , the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the Turkish destruction, almost all the goods of the Tvrdoš monastery, transferred to Duža, perished. Until the abolition of the Patriarchate of Peć in 1776, the monastery was the center of the Metropolitanate of Herzegovina.  After World War I, the monastery was home to Russian monks, exiled from Imperial Russia, who painted the monastery. With the renovation of the Tvrdoš monastery in 1992, its glory was restored, and the Duža monastery was restored to its original glory as the “Cover of the Blessed Virgin Mary”.

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