Museum of Herzegovina

The museum was created as a result of the idea of ​​the most famous Trebinje resident, poet and diplomat, Jovan Dučić . It was founded in 1952. The first archaeological excavation was carried out by the museum in 1957 at the church of St. Peter in Zavala. The first publication, entitled  Trebinje  I , was published by Vasilija Korać in 1966. In 1975, he started the  Tribunija magazine . It has about 1,500 m² of useful space, of which about 800 m² is exhibition space. As part of the Museum of Herzegovina, there is also a branch in Ušće (Lastva),  a legacy of Dubravka Kujačić  , where occasional exhibitions, promotions, and concerts are organized. The museum also has a significant collection of library materials (library with specialist books from various fields of science, culture and art).

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