Dabić Winery, established by Igor Dabić, is a testament to the fusion of traditional viticulture and modern innovation located in Eastern Herzegovina. Educated in Plant Production and Plant Protection, Igor returned from Canada to revitalize his family’s vineyards and expand wine and brandy production. Today, the winery manages thousands of vines, producing approximately 10,000 liters of wine and 2,000 liters of brandy annually.

The vineyards boast a variety of grapes including Vranac, Zilavka, Merlot, and Cabernet, with plans to further expand with Zilavka to meet increasing demand. Dabić Winery is also constructing a new facility in Volujac, which will include a modern winery, a tasting room, and a mini-restaurant offering local cuisine.

Their products, well-received in markets from Trebinje to the Montenegrin coast, account for about 90% of annual sales. Additionally, Igor has leveraged his agricultural expertise to open Agroplod, an agricultural pharmacy that offers consulting and management services for local vineyards and orchards.

Dabić Winery invites enthusiasts to explore its commitment to quality and tradition through its exceptional wines and brandies.

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