Tvrdoš Monastery Wine Cellar

Tvrdoš, a 15th century Serbian Orthodox Monastery, is one of the most compelling historical and religious sites in all of Herzegovina. A visit to the Trebinje area is not complete without having stopped by the monastery for an exceptional cultural experience of notable beauty and significance. The Monastery is surrounded by olive groves, vineyards, and beehives, impeccably maintained by the monks who will share with you the monastery’s long history and introduce you to their widely celebrated wines. The monks of the Tvrdoš Monastery opened the current chapter of their
winemaking story nearly a decade ago. Working within the old Vranac vineyard, covering 70 hectares of land, and planting an additional 60 hectares of vine in Popovo Polje, they blended the old with new. The monastery has two wine cellars. The first cellar dates from the 15th century; here, the Vranac is aged in oak barrels that are a century old. Just 10 meters away, on the bank of the river of Trebišnjica, new cellars have been built and equipped with the latest winemaking technology including a gravity flow facility. The monastery’s cellars physically represent the monks’
approach to winemaking which merges the accumulated knowledge and skills of 500 years of viticulture with the technology of today. The Tvrdoš Monastery is internationally known for the creation of wines made from
both autochthonous and international varieties, including Žilavka, Vranac, Chardonnay, and Cabernet Sauvignon.






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