Zavala Monastery is located on the edge of Popovo polje, at the foot of the Ostrog mountain. There is currently no reliable data on the time of its creation. According to tradition, the creation of the Church of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary is linked to the first Christian emperor, Constantine, who arrived in Zavala after building a large church in Slano and, seeing that the population was pious, decided to build a temple there. The oldest written document from 1514 is a confirmation of the sale of the vineyard to Serafion, the Abbot of the monastery. The specificity of the architectural design of the church is determined by its location, which gives the impression of a hermitage monastic residence. On its northern side, the church is tucked under the rock that makes up a large part of its northern wall. The interior of the church was decorated with frescoes in 1619 by the great Serbian painter of the 17th century, the Hilandar monk Georgije Mitrofanović. A special place is occupied by the icon of Emmanuel (Jesus boy) painted on the church vault. In the Zavala monastery, the novice was Saint Vasilije Ostroški, who was born in the nearby village of Mrkonjići, where a church was built in his honor.

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