The remains of the famous medieval town of Mičevac are located on the right bank of Trebišnjica in the immediate vicinity of the Perovića most settlement. According to legend, the town was built by Duke Mičeta, after whom it was named. Mičevac consists of a fortress and a suburb. The fortress was located on a small hill and as such dominated the wider area, and below it was the suburb of Mičevac.According to Lukari, the Dubrovnik chronicler, Mičevac was first mentioned in 1042. The city had an extremely important strategic position, because it protected the communication that connected Dubrovnik and the wider hinterland. In Mičevac, in 1445 and 1451, the existence of customs is also mentioned, which additionally points to the economic and commercial importance of the city. The town of Mičevac is on the list of national monuments of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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