Nestled in Brotnjo Plateau, Čitluk embodies Herzegovina’s winemaking culture, boasting a rich history of grape cultivation and fine wine production. Blatina and Žilavka are among the most popular varietals, and local winemakers use traditional methods to produce exceptional quality wines.

Visitors can stroll through vineyards and taste local wines at family-run wineries. The town is also a site of deep spirituality and natural beauty, attracting pilgrims from around the world to Medjugorje. Čitluk offers natural and cultural heritage, including the Stone Vineyards and the oldest wine cellar in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Gradnići. Visit Herceg Ethno Village for traditional culture and cuisine, or Apparition Hill for stunning views.

Čitluk is the perfect destination for an enriching travel experience, with free-flowing wine and warm hospitality.







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