Carska Vina Grgo Vasilj

The Carska Vina Grgo Vasilj winery is located in a small alley on the outskirts of the pilgrimage town of Međugorje. Do not be deceived by its unassuming family house exterior, as once inside, you will be welcomed into a large, tastefully decorated tasting room that can accommodate up to 70 persons or an equally impressive terrace.

Besides its excellent wines including Žilavka, Blatina and cuvees containing Pinot Grigot and Cabernet Sauvignon, Carska Vina Grgo Vasilj is distinguished by its luxuriously designed wine bottles, with labels named after the owner Andrija Vasilj’s children. If you decide to visit the winery, Andrija will be happy to share his expertise and the family’s 150 year long tradition of wine production.

You may also be joined by his father Grgo, who started the modern wine production. The Vasilj family also owns Cesarica, the first wine hotel in Bosnia and Herzegovina, located close to the winery in the town of Međugorje. If you find yourself in the Međugorje area in late August, be sure to visit the Blaž Enology festival dedicated to producers of Blatina and Žilavka, organized by the Carska Vina Grgo Vasilj winery.






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