The Ostojić family shares its surname with one of Bosnia’s medieval kings, which has inspired the winery’s unique visual identity.

The Ostojić winery is located on an expansive family estate in a relaxing rural setting close to the town of Čitluk. Every element of the estate is a witness to the Ostojić family’s dedication to hospitality and production of top quality wines. Your tour of the winery will start with a welcome drink at the traditional inn of Villa Monaco, offering a selection of wines, rakijas or Ostojić’s very own gin!

The friendly owners will then take you to what may well be the most meticulously organized wine cellar in Herzegovina, showcasing wines produced from the local varieties Žilavka, Blatina and Vranac. An additional attraction of Ostojić winery is the garden behind the villa, equipped with an outdoor barbecue area, hammocks and a sumptuous swimming pool. The winery also offers a range of accommodation options, enabling you to make full use of its wealth of amenities.






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