Čitluk Winery is one of the largest in Bosnia and Herzegovina, producing a total of more than 50 labels of wines and spirits.

The winery is the proud owner of the stone vineyards, a unique, 100 ha vineyard planted in white, extremely rocky soil, built in the early 1980s. Make sure to stop at this stunning location close to the village of Blizanci and enjoy the spectacular view! The winery’s production facilities are located in the center of the town of Čitluk, offering a glimpse into its 75 years of history, as well as a tasting room that can accommodate up to 100 persons.

If you are fortunate, you will be greeted by winemaker Tihomir Prusina, Bosnia and Herzegovina’s first enology PhD specialized in Herzegovinian varieties, who will be happy to share his extensive knowledge. Another way to taste the best of Čitluk wines is to visit its affiliated restaurant Romanca on the outskirts of Mostar, offering an excellent selection of local and Herzegovinian dishes in a beautiful environment surrounded by vineyards.






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