Brkić Family Cellar

The story of the Brkić family consists of a combination of two elements: tradition and innovation. In the year 1979, the family founded the first modern wine cellar in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Even then their philosophy was to create natural, organic wines in limited quantities and of the highest quality. The winery produces wines exclusively from the Herzegovinian indigenous grape varieties, Žilavka and Blatina. For this family, winemaking is not a job or a business but a vocation; the wine is not a product but a member of the family. In recent years, the Brkić family has made efforts to develop their offerings for guests; their efforts have clearly had an impact on their visitors because international magazines have published stories featuring their contribution to the winemaking industry. A visit to Čitluk would be
incomplete without a visit to the Brkić Cellar and tasting room.






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