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Mostar European Wine City
Dionisio 2024

RECEVIN is the European Network of Wine Cities. It is composed of three national associations: ACEVIN (Spain), CITTA DEL VINO (Italy), and AMPV (Portugal), in addition to several member cities belonging to various countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Greece, Hungary, France or Serbia.

Since 2012 RECEVIN has organized an award entitled „EUROPEAN WINE CITY“ that seeks to recognize a European city that has stood out for its support and promotion of the culture of wine. This award is rotating and is awarded alternately to a Spanish, Portuguese, or Italian city.

Since 2018, the nomination of the European City of Wine has been shared by a second city in a different country thanks to the Dionision project. After Rethymno (Greece, Crete Island), in 2019 this recognition went to Perpignan (France), 2020 in Cricova (Moldova), in 2023 to Toulouse (France), and 2024 to Mostar (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

The ceremonial handover of the title European City of Wine Dionisio  was handed over by the city of Toulouse to the city of Mostar in Toulouse in October 2023. This title and the whole presentaion  of the city of Mostar as the European wine city was a significant step for Mostar, as the cultural and economic center of the Herzegovina region, which now stands out as the starting point of the wine culture of this area.


About Mostar City & Herzegovina Region

MOSTAR is the cultural, political, and economic center of Herzegovina. The historical core of Mostar can be described as a museum under the open sky. The narrow cobblestone streets are lined with shops filled with traditional handicrafts and a lively energy – commerce over five centuries ago. Allow yourself to get lost in Mostar, a dramatic landscape shaped by the intersection of diverse cultures throughout history: dive into centuries-old traditions, explore unique architectural monuments, engage with friendly locals, indulge in the regional gastronomic specialties, and find unforgettable adventure.

HERZEGOVINA, the southern region of Bosnia and Herzegovina, is a unique destination attracting visitors from across the world with its Mediterranean climate, stunning landscape, and authentic cultural heritage and tradition. This karst landscape, punctuated by verdant fields, is a true delight for the senses.


Herzegovina Wine Route

The Herzegovina Wine Route is a unity between the region’s authentic quality wines and the hospitality of its people and home to around 30 wineries, vast vineyards, great gastronomy ranging from hearty rustic dishes to elevated culinary experiences, and quality accommodations, all linked by their shared commitment to regional winemaking traditions. Iter Vitis is part of the Cultural Route of the Council of Europe, which celebrates some of Europe’s most distinctive wine destinations alongside their beautiful landscapes, preserved way of life, and cultural-historical, and material heritage. As of September 2022, the Herzegovina Wine Route in Bosnia and Herzegovina is recognized as the new member of the Iter Vitis, joining other well-known routes and destinations.


Mostar European Wine City Dionisio 2024
19th March

The annual tenure of Mostar as the European Wine City Dionisio for 2024 will commence with an official ceremony on March 19, culminating in a reception at Ljetnikovac Rodobolja, hosted by the City of Mostar.

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