Petijević Wine Cellar

With a stunning view of Goričko Lake and the family vineyards, the Petijević Cellar offers a perfect respite from the Herzegovinian sun. Petijević is located 5 kilometers from the center of Trebinje on the main road to Nikšić, Montenegro. The family winemaking practice is steeped in history; their commitment to viticulture dates to the early 1900s, a fact documented in a family-owned book about winemaking that was published during that period. Guests are invited to enjoy the home-made food created specifically to accompany the wine tasting and enhance the natural aromas and flavors in the quality wine. What makes the Petijević wine (and indeed, all of the wine produced on
Herzegovina’s land) distinct from other wines around the world? According to the owner, the wine has a soul that derives from both the sun-drenched land and those dedicated to its production.






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