Mata Wine Cellars

The proprietors of the Mata Winery recognize that the foundation of their quality wine is the unequaled local ecology; their cultivated land in Blatnica and the warm glow of the Brotnjo sun are deeply valued and appreciated for what they have the capacity to create. It comes as no surprise that their wine making practice resolves to accomplish more with “less.” Their winemaking tradition focuses on the autochthonous varieties Žilavka and Blatina. Mata’s productions of outstanding brandies and fruit liqueurs should not be overlooked. The Vučić family lives by the expression “He who
knows how to enjoy his wine proves the art of living and he who leaves his wine to rest in a cellar proves its quality.” A visit to their cellar may persuade you to live by this expression as well. Enjoy wine tasting while overlooking
the palm trees of the family’s estate or in the intimate atmosphere of the tasting room, ideal for smaller groups.






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