Lug Vineyards and Winery is located in Crnići near Stolac. This winery identifies strongly as family owned and operates based out of the family home, making it ideal for small groups, families, and individuals who are in search of an intimate wine tasting and gastronomic experience. The winery’s products are rooted in traditional recipes, which are known to retain a particular, heady aroma that seems to elude those produced by larger wineries. The origin of Lug Winery and the story of the Perutina family who operates it will contribute to a memorable wine tasting which is accompanied by similar homemade cheeses and prosciutto. If you are in search of a full meal indicative of Herzegovina, look no further. Indulge in lamb, veal, or trout – these ingredients are central to the local cuisine and required eating for all those who explore the region!






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