Winery “Bojanić” continues the story started by Tomo Bojanić at the end of the 19th century in the settlement of Pridvorci, three kilometers from Trebinje. His great-grandchildren have continued this tradition in this village full of history, which the friendly hosts will be happy to tell you about during your visit. The wines of this small family winery are a classic combination of the Herzegovinian tradition and modern wine science, so that with a glass of their wine you get the fragrances and tastes of this region. All their wines and brandies are produced from grapes from their own vineyards, which are only 500 meters away from the place where their products are produced and tasted. Dimitrije and Stevo, the great-grandsons of the founders of this wine cellar, are part of a family enterprise in which their father and uncle also participate. The female part of this close-knit family is in charge of combining wine and food, and this small family winery is one of those with the most complete wine story in Herzegovina, where grapes have joined family, land and sun in order to continue a tradition of over a hundred years.






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