Berak Wine Cellar

The Berak family has one of the most extensive histories in the Trebinje area. The family has been involved in wine production since their beginnings in the Herzegovina region, dating to as early as the 17th century. The Berak Winery is located in the suburban settlement of Police. The family’s particular blend of science with centuries-long experience residing in friendly companionship with the Herzegovinian sun makes this cellar distinctive. The vineyard and winery is especially known for its Rujno wine and the preservation of the now rare autochthonous varieties of Surac, Kadarun, and Plavka. Visit the wine cellar to taste the range of wines produced, including their whites, Žilavka and Chardonnay, and reds, Vranac, Rujno, and Merlot. The family vineyard and winery is surrounded by flowers, vegetables gardens,
and fruit orchards, providing the feeling that you are visiting a family who is welcoming you into their home as friends with generosity and warmth.






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