Anđušić Winery Dračevo

Located on the road to Mostar and only 30 kilometers from Trebinje is the Herzegovinian village of Dračeva. The village is ideally situated just a short distance from Zavala Monastery and Vjetrenica Cave and occupies the middle of the Popovo Polje field, a place where vines are said to be treated as a family. It is also the home of the Anđušić family Vineyard and Winery, a family enterprise that boasts a tradition of winemaking that has been passed down from generation to generation and is based upon the foundation on dedication and perseverance. A restaurant and tasting room welcome guests who will, no doubt, be eager to taste the Žilavka and Vranac, produced from grapes cultivated in the surrounding vineyards. Completing the experience of rural Herzegovinian tradition are the cheeses and ham produced on site, providing a delicious accompaniment to the wine, sweeping rural views, and rustic ambience.






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