Nestled in an idyllic setting near Mostar, the breathtaking estate of Emporia, featuring a hotel, winery, restaurant, and outdoor pool, offers visitors a special experience of the taste, colors, and scents of Herzegovina.

The hotel’s impressive architecture design, a blend of traditional dry stone walls and modern materials, provides accommodation in 12 uniquely decorated rooms. The modern retro interior in pastel colors exudes relaxation, as do the magnificent views of orchards, olive groves, and vineyards planted with local indigenous varieties Žilavka and Blatina. The intoxicating scents of lavender, rosemary, and fennel make this place an oasis of peace and relaxation.

Your holiday will be complete with activities such as cycling through vineyards and olive groves or walking along the long paths. The restaurant offers a top gastronomic experience through exceptionally tasty and original combinations prepared from the highest quality ingredients, with our domestic wines of premium varieties as the perfect accompaniment.

The Imperial Vineyards Mostar winery produces wines of a new generation, relying on recipes dating back 100 years and the latest modern technology. 40 hectares of vineyards are mainly planted with local indigenous varieties Žilavka and Blatina, as well as Pošip, Trnjak, Chanin Blanc, Merlot, Syrah, Chardonnay. Vineyard is one of the few in Europe where Chanin Blanc grows, a world-renowned noble white grape variety.

During the winery tour, you can learn about the history of Imperial Vineyards dating back to the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the creative approach to winemaking, nurturing indigenous varieties in combination with popular international white and red grape varieties, and taste 9 exceptionally unique and premium wines created by the Emporia wine team.

Wines are a combination of natural beauty, elegance, prestige, style, and taste whose quality surely satisfies the finest and most demanding wine lovers.

The winery, like a museum, possesses barrique wooden barrels for aging made of Bosnian and Slavonian oak, amphorae, and concrete eggs.

Throughout the year, the wine cellar, along with the terraces surrounding the pool and those with views of the vineyard, hosts a plethora of events, such as, gatherings, intimate concerts, and promotional activities.






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