Stone Bridge on the Bregava river

One of the most famous bridges is definitely the Old Bridge in Mostar, but little is known that there is a bridge just 40 km south of it, which was built half a century before it. It is an old stone bridge on the Bregava River in the Čapljina municipality, which was built in 1517 by the Herzegovinian Sandžak-beg Mustafa (Mustaj-beg), which is why this bridge is often called Mustajbeg’s bridge, and it was renovated by Ibrahim Šišman pasha from The author. It is located between Klepac and Tasovac polje. A bridge with a very elegant arch construction, which in some elements resembles the arch of the Crooked Bridge on the Radobolja in Mostar, but with its specific features it stands out and represents one of the most significant works of Ottoman architecture in the field of infrastructure facilities.

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