The Best of Herzegovina 

During this unforgettable two-day itinerary you will be exploring the best of Hercegovina: Mostar, Blagaj, Počitelj, Ravno, Trebinje, and Stolac! Visit the Blagaj Tekke and enjoy an optional lunch next to the Buna River. Visit the historic center of Počitelj and enjoy the view over Neretva. Take a trip to Stolac and explore its many historic attractions, including the UNESCO site Radimlja. Explore Trebinje by taking a walking tour of the Old Town and by taking a barge ride on the Trebišnjica River with wine tasting and authentic food. Finally, visit the 16th century Tvrdoš Monastery and Vjetrenica Cave and take in the breathtaking views, local attractions and culture. Get your adventure started today and experience the best of  Herzegovina! 

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Day one

09:00 -10:00

Walking tour of Old Town Mostar 

10:00 – 12:00

Head to Blagaj.

Walking Tour – Velagic House, Blagaj Mills, Blagaj Tekke and optional Breakfast at Mlinica

12:00 – 14:30

Drive to Počitelj for sightseeing and lunch in the historic center

14:30 – 16:00

Wine-tasting at family-owned winery Lug

16:15 – 17:30

Drive to Radimlja Necropolis and take the Stolac Walking Tour 

17:30 – 19:30

Drive to Trebinje for dinner and overnight

Day two

09:30 – 10:00

Trebinje Walking Tour (Old Town, Herzegovina Museum, Herzeg House and City Market, Arslanagic Bridge, Hercegovacka Gracanica)

10:00 – 11:45

Barge Ride on Trebišnjica River (wine tasting & authentic food included)

12:00 – 13:30

Tvrdoš Monastery wine tasting or Susica River recreation & panoramic sightseeing

13:40 – 14:50

Trip to the Vjetrenica Cave

15:00 – 15:45

Vjetrenica Cave Exploration

16:00 – 17:10

Late lunch at Gostionica Zavala