Šarić House – Branko Šotra Gallery

The Šarić House, also known as Branko Šotra Gallery, is situated near Čaršija, the main crossroads of trade and travel in Stolac. Built in 1734/1735, the Šarić family, a prominent Muslim family in the region, was associated with this historical building. Ismail-kapetan, a notable member of the family, contributed significantly to the town’s development by constructing a mosque, school, cistern, and shops. In 1963, the Art Gallery in Sarajevo established its first external branch in Stolac and named it after Branko Šotra, a renowned print artist from the former Yugoslavia, who was born in Stolac. The gallery housed 92 prints donated by Šotra, forming a permanent exhibition. His artwork featured striking black and white contrasts, portraying World War II events in his early works and later shifting focus to Herzegovinian landscapes and people.

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