The area between the Podgrad bridge and the Podgrad mosque, known as Mejdan or Little Čaršija, was historically used for trading agricultural goods, clothes, and various products. The mosque, rebuilt and renovated multiple times, had different names like Mejdan mosque, Hadži Salih Bure mosque, Zulfikar-kapetan mosque, or Ali-paša Rizvanbegović mosque. It stands on an island between two Bregava river inlets, featuring three shops with arched entries facing the čaršija. Similar to the Suleymani mosque in Travnik, it is supported by pillars above the shops, a rare characteristic of mosques with integrated shops. The mosque’s construction reflects Mediterranean architectural influences. Opposite to the mosque stood the Muftića han (inn) and various shops for traders and craftsmen, now known as Konak, serving as a hostel and youth club. Across the river, the Turković tower rises, believed to have been built in stages between the XVII and XVIII centuries. Initially a Rizvanbegović family residence, it became part of the Turković family’s dowry, representing a unique blend between a feudal tower and an urban house.

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