Vidoški, a medieval town named after the river Vidoštica (now Bregava), was first mentioned in 1444 as part of the lands of Duke Stjepan Kosača. Situated on trade routes used by Dubrovnik traders, it held prominence in the region of Dubrava. The town had a well-regulated water supply through cisterns and featured various structures for residential, military, religious, and commercial purposes. It boasted 13 defense towers and fell under Ottoman rule after 1465. During the Ottoman period, significant parts of the town were built and reconstructed in multiple phases. In the Austro-Hungarian era, a fort was constructed at the highest point. Vidoški remained the largest fortified town in Herzegovina until the early 19th century. It overlooked the Vidovo plain and the Bregava river, surrounded by hills Hrgud, Komanje, Ošanići, and Bašnik.

Photos by: StolacX


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