Driving along the road connecting the city of Mostar to the picturesque town of Blagaj, you will not fail to notice a slick stone edifice surrounded by endless rows of lush vineyards. As you turn from the road and pass through the imposing gate, you will gradually recognize the contours of the Emporia Hotel & Winery, a stunning combination of traditional and modern architecture. It is here that the Austro-Hungarian government set up the first modern vineyard in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1886, cultivating the local varieties of Žilavka and Blatina for the needs of the Habsburg court in Vienna.
Today, the winery continues to produce top-quality wines in accordance with traditional recipes enriched by modern technology. Sip some of Emporia’s wines while enjoying lunch at its exclusive restaurant offering the best of local and international cuisine. Let your eyes wander around the acres of vineyards surrounding the winery and make your way to the cellar to witness the magic of wine production. And don’t worry if you don’t feel like leaving – Emporia offers a small number of rooms in its boutique hotel located right in the winery, with the additional perk of a stunning swimming pool reserved for hotel guests only!






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