Let me create for you, your own unforgettable journey, vacation or adventure, fitting your wishes and needs, visiting cultural-historical monuments of the entire region, walking, hiking, rafting or other recreational activities on land and in water. Spend peaceful nights in homes of your choice. Do not lose your precious time, with walking around the city at 40 C, looking for streets and buildings that are difficult to read or to spell, stories of them which are not even written down, about legends, love and death, let me organize your vacation the way you dreamed and finally paid for. Get to know the hhistory of this region, thorugh acient Romens, Ottomans, Austro-Hungarian period, the II. World War the ramainings and lates history. Our program includes Muslim friendly tourism as well as medical-health tourisam. For more informaion, please send us a mail or call us.







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